Monday, 9 August 2010

Our greenhouse is too small

greehnhouse Aug 10

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago and since then, the plants inside have grown further. Inside the greenhouse we have 7 varieties of tomatoe as well as aubergines, peppers, chilies, basil and cucumbers. At the moment the cucumbers are cropping prolifically. We are testing recipes this week for relishes and pickles for cucumbers and gherkins so watch this space for forthcoming posts and videos.

The big problem we have is that the greenhouse is simply too small (it's a 6 X 8). We are thinking of using the plots behind the greenhouse for a polly tunnel. We will make a decision on that shortly.

Meanwhile, we are about to be met by a tidalwave of tomatoes. This year for the first time we are also growing beef tomatoes. They are all green at the moment but are already a good size.

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