Friday, 17 June 2011

Rabbit pests

We sowed cauliflower seeds in a tray in the greenhouse in the early spring and we ended up with a good set of sturdy seedlings ready to plant out. We did the same with cabbages and sprouts. We have however an increasing rabbit problem on the allotment. As a result we took the decision to plant the cabbages and sprouts on the back garden where Bugs Bunny has no access.

In the meantime I am preparing a new bed on the still derelict part of the allotment to plant the caulis. They will be netted to protect them. We had rearranged the greenhouse to make way for the tomato plants and thoughtlessly left the tray of caulis outside. The result was a real feast for the bunnies yesterday. I think we may be able to recover them but my experience has not endeared those damned little critters to me. I am reaching now for cookery books which include recipes for game pie!

Derelict allotment bed June 11 2

This is a photo I took of the derelict, and very overgrown, bed where the caulis will be planted. I am gradually getting it back into order.


Linda's Garden Blog said...

lovely read
i had a rabbit prob as well their mad a big hole in two of my beds but did not eat any thing that i am growing

elfriide tramm said...

it seems to me that buying a gun may result with becoming a self-sufficient in meat also :))