Thursday, 30 June 2011

Raspberry and white currant jam

raspberry white currant jam June 11 1

I had a modest quantity of white currants and a significant quantity of raspberries so I decided to combine the two to make jam. Raspberries are low in pectin, white currants are high so this makes an ideal combination. I used equal quantities of both and boiled them together in the jam pan.

Once the fruit had boiled and broken up, add the same weight of sugar as total fruit used then reboil until it has reached its setting point.

raspberry white currant jam June 11 2

By the way, the raspberry crop on the allotment is enormous! And I haven't yet looked at the wild raspberries in the local woods.

raspberries June 11 1


elfriide tramm said...

it's too eary for raspberries here in estonia, but strawberries are already coming.

may i ask, why so much sugar to jams? they do well with a half less quantity, but it's much better for health. and certainly it's more "self-sufficient" :)

Jonathan Wallace said...

Many people in the UK use more sugar than I do! People here have a sweet tooth! The sugar however acts as a preservative. Too little sugar and the fruit will not be properly preserved. I appreciate that this means we are not being properly self-sufficient however we will be getting 3 beehives soon and will be doing much more preserving using honey

Susanna Di Milo said...

I just saw your you tube blackberry jelly recipe, it looks great, now I see you made raspberry jam, do you eat it all?

It looks great

Jonathan Wallace said...

We don't eat it all ourselves. Quite a bit of it is swapped for other things or given as presents.

elfriide tramm said...

yes i know that this is a sweet tooth, but it just may mean quite a lot problems to health. and addiction to sugar is definitely easy to handle as well, also from medical perspective. my grandma also used to use really much sugar for preserving purposes, but the truth is, that a ratio 1 kg berries - 0,5 kg sugar is more than enough for preserving them. i have a more than 30 year jam making experience, so i can confirm it :). but of course i accept it as a question of freedom of choice and preferances :), just it is not necessary for preserving purposes.

elfriide tramm said...

sorry, it had to be: ...definitely NOT easy to treat/handle...

+ the one may not be aware, that sugar destroys the C vitamin in berries also. it is just good to know.