Sunday, 26 June 2011

Saturday roundup

The rotovator was brought back into action today. Bed 4 on our allotment has not been fully used by us in the past. That has changed this year. It has now been split into 4 parts (it was a very large bed to begin with). The biggest part is the polytunnel. Next to it is the newly installed pond (on which some work is still required). What is left is a bed running the whole length of the former bed 4 which has become a new bed 4, plus the bottom end of the former bed which I am calling bed 5. (This is still covered with weeds.)

The new bed 4 was what received my attention today. Though I weeded it a month ago, I had to do another quick reweeding job today before rotovating the part that was not already in use (that part has been used to grow lavender for the past 2 years). Once rotovated, I planted the whole bed with peas. The variety is Boogie which can be sown March to June. I planted about 500 seeds on Dad's allotment 3 weeks ago and these have now sprouted so we are looking for a good crop from both allotments.

I was planning this afternoon to pick the blackcurrant crop on Dad's allotment this afternoon but the rain sent me packing. I'll try again tomorrow. Blackcurrant jam making is scheduled for this coming week.

Meanwhile, we headed to B and Q to buy some herbs. I'm setting up a herb garden but more about that on another day.

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