Thursday, 4 August 2011

Frog in the pond

Our new pond has a new occupant, a tiny little frog. It's obviously one that was spawned earlier this year. The pond was dug in the late spring so it was too late for frog spawn for this year so it must have come from another pond nearby. We set up the pond to encourage frogs and other bug eating amphibians onto the allotment so we are delighted it is already working. We also have a fully grown frog living in our greenhouse aat the moment. We had one living there last summer as well.

Work on the pond is not yet completed. We need to add more plants, build up one side and tidy up the edging. And we are thinking of adding some fish to eat the mosquito larvae.

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Jonathan Wallace said...

I am pleased to announce that this morning I found a very large frog in the pond.