Thursday, 29 September 2011

Eggciting egg moments

We have had the chickens for nearly a month and I thought I would show you a small number of photos from the most eggciting moments.

eggs Sept 11 3

Our first egg. Attila started laying the day after we got the chickens. We had to wait nearly 4 weeks for one of the others to start laying.

eggs Sept 11 2

This is an eggcelent piece of eggquipment. We can keep and use the eggs in the order they are laid.

omelette Sept 11

Our first meal with eggs laid on the allotment - an omelette. The potatoes and onions were from the allotment as well. The peas came from a supermarket (but we have now picked our own and won't need to buy any ready frozen produce). The bacon was bought in. We haven't yet got to the point where we are keeping our own pigs!


Anonymous said...

Love the egg rack. Any advice where they sell them ? Thanks . Jules

Jonathan Wallace said...

It's a "helter-skelter" and you can get them from the British Hen Welfare Trust