Friday, 2 September 2011

How to store potatoes

We have now started harvesting our potatoes though most are still to come in. Storing them correctly is vital if we are to ensure they last into next year. In this video I show you how we prepare them for storage. I had an interesting comment from a Latvian viewer who recommended laying the potatoes out on newspapers in a dry location to let any soil on them dry out. The soil drops off easily. Certainly more time effective if the crop is very large though it leaves the problem of potatoes with slugs or bugs in them not being sifted out.

We took the decision at the start of the year that potatoes will be by far our biggest crop as we will be using them as a partial substitute for wheat flour. Now that the crop is starting to come in, watch this space for some new posts on cooking with spuds!

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elfriide tramm said...

we also lay the small "hill" of potatoes in the beginning to the shed or under some roof. but if there is not such a place or room, then we just make this "hill" of potatoes outside under the sky, but cover the top with some clothes/straw and then dark plastic etc. it is important that they are covered from rain and also fromlight, as it turns them green (solanine), which is poisonous. after a week or 2 we sort them. usually soil is dropped off and we put the whole and healthy potatoes for winter storage - normally to some huge wooden boxes in shed or cellar or garage in darkness. the potatoes which are cut or with holes or otherwise a bit spoiled will be stored separately and eaten first. and the small and healthy ones will be the seeds for next year and will be kept separately in cool and dark place. historically the smallest ones were used as a food for pigs, but nowadays they will be thrown to compost (as only very few people in countryside raise pigs).

btw, maybe you meant my comment in YT...but i am not from latvia, but estonia :). it would be reasonable not to call estonian a latvian ;)