Thursday, 29 September 2011

Recent foraging

August to October are our busiest times for foraging for fruit and nuts. I spent a couple of hours this afternoon picking sloes and will be making a batch of sloe gin and then some sloe jelly over the next couple of days. Yesterday I picked a bucketful of hazel nuts and will be returning for more shortly. And of course there are blackberries, lots and lots of them. I've made bramble jelly (using some crab apples I also picked wild) and bramble butter.

I get the impression that there has been new growth of nettles, dandelions and dock recently. They are what I would normally associate with food foraging in spring. I may do some wild leaf salads soon.

Also due to be picked soon are hawberries. I'll be using them to make jelly. It looks like a bumper crop and the berries are quite fat so they may be good for making ketchup as well.


Anonymous said...

Why have you stopped updating your political blog? are you ashamed of something?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Lack of time is the reason. Answer to 2nd question: no.

However, it seems quite a few of you can't get enough of my comments on political matters so I may relaunch the political blog sometime soon if I have enough time.

karen said...

Having made sloe gin for years I tried sloe vodka.
There is no way I will be making gin ever again.
I now realise the flavours in the gin interfear with the sloe flavours in an unsympathetic way. With vodka it is just sloe all the way.
Damson Vodka is EVEN better'