Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

mud on allotment Jul 12 4

Three months of heavy rain and we have quite a bit of mud on the allotment. I took these photos yesterday. The above picture was taken from the gate coming into the allotment. I just managed to get the mini polytunnel set up (below) when the skies opened.

mud on allotment Jul 12 3

mud on allotment Jul 12 2

The pond was overflowing yesterday (see above) and you can see how sodden the ground is.

mud on allotment Jul 12 1

This is bed 5. I planted it out with turnip and swede seeds 6 weeks ago but they came to nothing, possibly because of the weather. You can see how waterlogged the ground is.


Anonymous said...

This, plus the occasional drought, are the main reasons I switched to container gardening. Also, supposedly I can bring containers inside for extreme temps, but I'll have to find a low, wheeled cart/wagon, since the pots are too big for a dolly.

I did consider raised beds, but when we do flood, it could easily breach most raised beds height.

I've had decent results with ichiban eggplant, small tomatoes, cherry peppers, maybe okra (they just started producing, since I transplanted them so late). I'm going to try brussel sprouts and kale in containers after August.


elfriide tramm said...