Sunday, 8 July 2012

Pea sticks - 2nd attempt

Pea sticks May 12

I took the above photo early last month. The branches were placed over the bed where pea seeds had been planted. The aim was to keep the birds and the hens off the seeds and then to give the peas something against which to grow. When I saw one of my hens casually walk across the bed through the sticks, I knew it was a failure. This was confirmed when only a handful of peas actually grew. My solution was to be considerably more thorough in setting up the defences.

pea sticks Jul 12 2

The above photo shows the new approach. I used hawthorn and ash sticks to create a barrier on either side of each row of peas. At the moment it seems to be working. As you can see, my hens walk over the bed but they can't dig up the pea seeds.

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