Sunday, 29 July 2012

One of these piglets may soon be ours

Piglets Jul 12 3

One of these piglets may soon be ours! Don't worry, we aren't going to put a pigsty in the garden or allotment. Instead, we are going to buy a pig from Bill Quay Community Farm just before it goes to slaughter and then pay for the slaughter costs. It's not quite self-sufficiency as we know it but it is about food miles. The pigs will go free range for a few weeks before they are slaughtered and I am going to take up a few buckets of acorns to be fed to them - though I have to confess I forgot to mention that to the staff running the farm when I was up there today so the final decision on fattening up the piggies on this natural food will rest with them.

Before getting the pig, we need to rearrange our storage. That means getting another freezer, learning how to smoke meat and how to make sausages. This is going to be a really big project for the autumn and I'm rather looking forward to it.

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