Thursday, 1 November 2012

A second duck starts laying

About three weeks ago, one of my khaki campbell ducks started laying. Since then she has laid every day except once. Today, the second khaki produced an egg. If she is anything like the other, we will have quite a supply of duck eggs. I used six of the eggs this evening to make scotch eggs. They will do for lunches for the next few days.

The 4 ducklings are growing fast. Actually it's a bit inaccurate to call them ducklings. 3 of them (the aylesbury, runner and magpie) are now fully grown. The 4th (another khaki) is not far behind. As yet, we still don't know what sex they are.

Productivity from the hens however has gone down. We have only 14 now but are averaging only 7 eggs a day. At least two are moulting which partly explains the drop in the number of eggs. The columbines have stopped laying their lovely green eggs. Maybe they are more seasonal in their laying habits.

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