Friday, 16 November 2012

Another stash of hidden eggs

eggs Nov 12

The number of eggs our hens have been producing recently has dropped. Some of this is down to the fact some are moulting but it is not enough to explain the full drop. For some days, there have been no green eggs, laid by my columbines. Today, when I opened up the henhouses, I spotted one of the columbines head to the tool cabinet on the allotment. I had a look behind it and there were 5 columbine eggs and one laid by one of our ambers.  So that's that problem solved.

Meanwhile, I rather like the photo below I took this morning. Some of the hens are in the shelter we built for them earlier this year. It is meant to keep them dry when it rains - and we have had a vast amount of rain this year. Yet, for the past few weeks, we have experienced up here a relatively dry fortnight. The ground has dried out and the hens don't need to shelter from rain. Oddly, now is the time they decide to use it!

hens Nov 12

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