Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Between storms

It seems the incredibly wet weather of the summer is not letting up as we approach the winter. I was hoping conditions were improving at the start of November. We had about 10 days without rain, long enough for the water butts to be close to empty. On a couple of mornings we even took water over to the allotment to ensure we had sufficient for the hens and ducks. And then the storms began again. We now have a huge amount of mud on the allotment and a stream running into one side of the duck pond and out the other side. This however is not as bad as it seems. The ducks had made quite a mess of the pond and we were planning to pump out the water and clean it out. The weather has flushed it out for us. Whilst the ducks are having a great time in the mud and damp conditions, the hens are not feeling so happy about it.

Attempts to plant anything at the moment are futile. We got our winter cabbages, some chard and half our onions planted towards the end of the dry spell this month. The other half of the onions are still waiting to go in. We are expecting dryer weather for the rest of this week but the ground is so wet that I doubt we will get them planted soon.

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