Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Sweet mince

sweet mince Nov 12 1

Autumn arrives and so does the need to make sweet mince. I have previously made a video about making sweet mince so I'm not going to talk about the whole of the recipe. I will however mention in passing the gin and vodka pickled fruit left over from making fruit liqueurs. I save it up and add it to the sweet mince. I am sometimes left with old jams and marmalades and jellies that have not set well (or at all!) so rather than waste them, they also find their way into the sweet mince as well.

As a result, I now have 37 jars of sweet mince. I will be making lots of pies and doing lots of swaps shortly.

sweet mince Nov 12 2

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Susanna Di Milo said...

It all looks very lovely, what do you have in mind for a swap?