Friday, 30 June 2017

Making hay

hay making June 17

Last week we started making hay. We had had a long run of dry, sunny weather so we are intent on putting it to good use. For us, hay making is a gradual process. We pick a couple of sacks of grass and leaves each day and leave them on a patch on the allotment to dry out. It is then added to the store so that it can be used over winter for the goats.

Alas, this week we have had constant rain!


Anonymous said...

We are also making hay here in Canada. However, my goats are not so keen on eating grass and only want fresh leaves. I have been giving them branches but am quickly deforesting my small farm and this is not sustainable. Plus, over the winter, I cannot give them fresh leaves. If they won't eat hay, I won't be able to keep them over the winter. I'm at a loss. But somehow you are managing...Can you please give me some advice? This is my first season with goats. Thank you.

jonathanwallace said...

Our goats are currently fed on goosegrass and willowherb in the morning. In the evening we chop branches off the overgrown haw trees in the hedgerows and also give them more willowherb. Sometimes I give them a sack of fresh grass and nettles. In the winter we feed them apples and swedes (all collected or grown locally), privet and ivy and carrots (we buy pony carrots for £2 for 10kg.) We are hoping to add hay to their diet this winter as well.