Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Using the back garden - the mini greenhouse

mini greenhouse June 17

For the first time, we have made the back garden of our house earn its keep. The patio is now full of pots and bags growing vegetables. The lawn has been turned over to a polytunnel. We have also installed a mini greenhouse on the patio which is currently full.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jonathan, You have obviously exceeded self-sufficiency and are producing more than two people can eat. What are your plans for your excess? Farmer's market?

jonathanwallace said...

Some of the fruit is made into jam which we sell. Surplus eggs are sold in a farm shop. Lots of produce gets swapped.

Anonymous said...

Swapping is one of the benefits of being part of an allotment. Gardening at home in the countryside doesn't allow for much interaction.