Sunday, 23 November 2008

Digging over

We have done some work to dig over the allotment and get it ready for next year, though there is still plenty to do. We have also set up a new compost bin. The constant weeding throughout the summer ended up with a number of small compost heaps throughout the allotment. So be build a large frame from old logs and consolidated all the small heaps into it. We also added 3 sacks of shredded papers from the house. My shredded bank statements will be rotted down and added to the land. At last I'm getting some value from them!

The above shot is of the most productive part of the allotment so far. We grew the onions, beans and courgettes here. You can also see the chard continuing to grow. David has planted some garlic here.

Above is the bottom end of the allotment. It needs a bit more work doing on it but now has an apple tree and a plum tree. There is a large strawberry patch here. We also grow some herbs on this patch.

This patch was dug over in March but not used. It needs digging over again and the weeds removing. It will then need to be well composted. I want this for growing spuds next year.

The above bed was the scene of our disaster crops. We got come cauliflowers from this area but the potatoe crop was a failure. It has however been composted but I am thinking about putting a pond here to store rain water which will run off the greenhouse when we build it. We will install water butts but the pond can act as additional storage. As it is, the ground here is already wet. I also want the pond to encourage more frogs onto the allotment. We have some already so someone must have a pond in the vacinity where they spawn. The frogs will be good for keeping down the bugs.

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