Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Elderflower cocktail

Last year we made two batches of elderflower champagne. The one we made at home in Sunniside work superbly. The batch made in London failed to ferment. I never really got to the bottom of why the same recipe would not work at our London home. I was however left with 24 bottles of an unfermented elderflower juice which I have used as a cordial instead. And then I discovered an interesting recipe for an elderflower cordial cocktail, in "Seaweed and eat it" by Fiona Houston and Xa Milne and decided to give it a go:

30ml elderflower cordial
30ml gin
30ml dry Vermouth

Combine the ingredients together in a cocktail maker with some ice cubes. Shake and pour into a glass. Then enjoy.

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