Tuesday, 17 March 2009

In the greenhouse

I was at a conference two weekends ago which was also attended by Floella Benjamin, former children's presenter and host of Play School. Well, didn't that bring back memories of "through the arched window". I digress, but it does bring me on to "through the greenhouse window". Now that we have the greenhouse built, we can get on and use it.
We haven't got a great deal in there at the moment but our seed potatoes are sprouting merrily there. David also took a number of cuttings from the red and black current bushes we planted earlier this month. He has planted them in pots in the greenhouse as well.

Soon we will be planting other seeds as well. We have a set of sweet pea seeds to go into pots. Not edible plants I know (unless someone can tell me otherwise) but the idea is that we plant them around the allotment to attract bees and other pollinators. (Thanks to Claire's Allotment for the tip - see my blog list.)

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