Monday, 23 March 2009

Seed planting

With the greenhouse now up and in operation, we spent Sunday planting seeds. The following were planted into seed trays: sweet pea (incense mix) - not a food crop but we are going to plant them around the beans to help attract pollinating insects; brussel sprouts (Wellington) - we didn't group sprouts last year, regretably as they are one of my favourite foods so this year we are determined to give them a go; celeriac (monarch); tomato (sweet olive) - in the greenhouse they will have more protection from tomato blight which ran off with so much of the crop last year); gherkins (a big success last year); red cabbage (rodeo) and cucumber (Telegraph).

A more unusual planting was in the form of 21 acorns. I kept these back last year when I collected acorns to make flour. The idea is that I grow them to soak up my carbon. If they grow (and alas I suspect that some may have become too dried out) I will need to find homes for them in a few years' time. I already have 40 sycamore sapplings growing in our London garden, though this was not a deliberate planting. The seeds found their own way into various pots. Once I found them growing, I simply left them to it.

And finally, the last new planting, actually not in the greenhouse but into bed 5 was horse radish. It is said to be a bit invasive so we will need to keep an eye on it.

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