Sunday, 8 March 2009

Even more raspberries and the prospect of honey

Unfortunately, because of work commitments, I am away from home this weekend. However, I am pleased to report that David has been hard at work down on the allotment. He has planted another 30 raspberry canes that arrived through the week. That just leaves the 10 we have to plant in our garden in London (I am heading there now).

Also planted was some of the rhubarb that we bought 2 weeks ago. Half has gone onto the allotment. The other half is in one of my bags, heading down with me to London where I will plant it.

Last night, I spoke to a friend who lives in Northumberland who keeps bees. I want to check out the possibility of keeping bees myself and so we now have an open invitation to see his hives in action. Were we to go ahead with bee keeping, and at the moment it is only something I am considering, it could give us a useful alternative to processed sugar in many, though not all, instances.

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