Thursday, 9 April 2009

8am seed planting experience

I am currently down in London but head back home to Tyneside tonight. So I have had a few days staying overnight in my flat in the capital. I don't really get to see the garden that much when I am there. I leave the flat at 8.30am, head into Westminster and generally don't get back until after 9pm.

So 8am this morning was the only chance I would get before heading home for Easter to plant some spinach seeds in the pots in which I planted garlic 3 weeks ago. The garlic is growing well but the idea with sowing spinach is that it is a fast growing vegetable that can be cropped before the garlic gets too large. In other words, get two crops in the space of one. However, I was caught slightly off guard by the speed at which the garlic is growing (much faster than on the allotment). So in my dressing gown and armed with watering can this morning there I was planting seeds. The neighbours must have thought I was mad!

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