Thursday, 23 April 2009

Latest from the allotment

I am on the allotment now, my first visit since Sunday, to have a look around and see how things are doing. A number of seeds planted in recent weeks are now coming through. The peas which I thought had been under attack from the birds are growing well and next to them the Swiss chard is just peeping through in bed one. The first broad bean shoot is also appearing. No sign yet of the parsnips but the garlic is growing very well.

Over on bed two, the onions planted in Marc are coming through strongly. There is also a long line of beetroot shoots appearing. The leeks have not made an appearance yet.

If all this grows, we should be able to cut by a long way the amount of food we buy at the supermarket. Tescos, with their recently announced £3 billion profit, can do without us!

Meanwhile, in the fruitcage, I am concerned that the raspberries are doing nothing, though the black and red currant bushes we planted there are doing very well. The raspberries on bed five however are growing. The rhubarb on the same patch is an embarrassment of riches so some of it will be cropped shortly.

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