Saturday, 4 April 2009

Bed One fully planted

I am just leaving the allotment now and I am pleased to say that Bed One is now fully planted. We have 2 rows of peas, 4 of broad beans and 2 of garlic (latter planted last November and earlier last month). This has left us with a 60 cm gap between rows of beans and peas so as an experiment to use the space we have planted an additional row of Swiss chard (one of our wonder crops from last year) in the gap between the peas.. We may well use other gaps between the beans in a similar way though more likely with something fast growing and cropping, such as spinach or lettuce. The beans grow to a much bigger height so will crows out shorter plants in the summer. We'll therefore need something that can be planted and cropped within two to three months. Salad leaf type plants fit the bill.
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