Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Garden update

I came down to London on Monday but return home today. I got my first daylight glimpse of our garden out at Crystal Palace for the first time in a week this morning. (I normally don't get back to the flat til after 9pm so at this time of year, seeing the garden is a passtime reserved for first thing in the morning.)

The garlic we planted in the long wall pots is doing as well as the bulbs we planted on the allotment back home. The accompanying spinach has all germinated as well. The raspberries in the back garden are looking a bit indifferent, but worryingly, the same batch on the allotment appear to be doing nothing as well, other than one or two small shoots across the whole batch.

We have some runner beans planted in small pots on the kitchen window sill and there are doing very well. They will need to be repotted and moved outside. The tomatoe seeds planted in pots on the same window sill are also germinating but it will be at least a month before they get potted up to go outside (they are an outdoor variety).

Two potatoes bags were planted up recently but it is too early for any activity from them but we have other bags to use. We will be planting carrots in them.

That will have to wait however as I return home to Gateshead tonight (on the last train out of Kings Cross - a mind numbing 10pm. It means an early morning visit to the allotment tomorrow is unlikely!)
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