Sunday, 22 May 2011

More potato planting

Bed 2 on the allotment is large - half the size of Dad's allotment up the road in the next village of Marley Hill but only a fraction of the size of ours. So it is quite a size and we have planted it out entirely with potatoes. Spuds are a staple crop for us. We have already experimented with using them as a wheat flour substitute and they are our most important carbohydrate source.

Three quarters of bed 2 were planted with potatoes last month. The seed potatoes I planted today were from Dad. He has been ill recently and so he has not been able to deal with them. He has also given us all his onion sets. So the issue now is what to do with the seed potatoes we have left - and we have plenty of them. Some will go the Dad's allotment which we are helping to run in his absence til he is better. Some will be used to grow potatoes in bags on our patio at home and some will go with me to London this week where I will plant them in our garden there.

Also planted today were dwarf beans into pots to grow up our new trellises and celery onto bed 3 which we grew from seeds in the greenhouse.
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