Monday, 16 May 2011

Yet more weeding

I have spent a great deal of time over the past 10 days weeding the allotment. The big new compost bin we built is now full to overflowing and the compost heap next to it is growing into a mountain. Today I set to work weeding bed 5, in the top corner where we have raspberries, horse radish, gooseberries, rhubarb, broad beans and herbs growing, along with a few fruit trees. Whilst on my knees digging up buttercups, I could see just how much the raspberries have spread. We knew they were invasive when we planted them a couple of years ago but later this year I will dig some of them out to stop them taking over. I'll be looking for new homes for them.

Meanwhile, as I weed my way around the garden, I have been followed around by a blackbird which makes a meal of all the bugs and worms I dig up. She is getting rather tame. This afternoon she was right next to me chomping away at the worms. She was a bit more distant in this video from April in which she feasted in what was available on the raised bed on bed 4.


elfriide tramm said...

do you have some drawing or scheme of your allotment? would be interesting to look at.

Jonathan Wallace said...

I have been aiming to do a plan of the allotment for some time but not got round to doing it. You comment has spurred me on. I'll try to get one done shortly.