Sunday, 8 May 2011

Replanting the strawberries

We have been doing some serious work on the fruit cage recently. The roof was badly damaged by the snow in December so we have built a new one. I spent much of the afternoon assembling the netting for it. Within a few days we will put it on the fruitcage itself.

The strawberries are doign very well, indeed too well. I am a bit concerned that they were flowering in mid April. This seems remarkably early. Nevertheless, they have also been spreading and have covered much of the floor of the fruitcage. They have also spread onto the neighbouring land and I've spend a bit of time digging them out. I've brought most back to the house and this afternoon I planted them into grow bags which I put on the path in the back garden. We don't walk along the path very often so it seemed a good use for an otherwise unemployed space. With a bit of luck we'll have a good crop.

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