Monday, 4 July 2011

The bees have arrived

Beehives Jul 11

We went to Northumberland this evening to pick up two hives of bees. It was quite an interesting experience driving back with 50,000 bees on our back seat. We took the bees straight to the allotment. David built a stand for the hives a few weeks ago and all we had to do was wait for Robert, our supplier, to get us the two hives we had on order. He phoned last week so we headed over tonight to his apiary near Hexham.

This is not the best photo in the world but I felt the urge to take it anyway. I didn't have my cameras on me at the time so I took this photo on my Blackberry. The sun had already gone down.

This is really exciting and I'm looking forward to watching the colonies grow and start to produce us honey.


Heather said...

Hi Jonathan

Could you please get in touch with Lib Dem News. Our emails to you are bouncing back.



elfriide tramm said...

we tried to grow bees appr 30 yrs ago, but after 4 years a very cold winter + mices ended it for us and we never tried again. now i am thinking to start it again. and also i am thinking of some chicken...

have you tried to grow pumpkins/squashes? very good plant. as it gives a fruits that can be preserved in a cooler room over winter. and very different dishes can be made. we love roasted pumpkin/squash, a spicy pumpkin soup with carrots, onions and ginger. also pie is well-known. and pumpkin jam with orange is worth to try.

Jonathan Wallace said...

We've not tried growing pumpkins though the person on the next allotment does. He gave us one last year and I made it into a chutney. May try to grow some next year.