Tuesday, 3 January 2012

A New Year Egg

Happy New Year everyone. I spent the Christmas and New Year break in London rather than at home in Sunniside in the North East of England. So we asked a friend to look after our hens for us. Three of our five hens were laying but we were hoping a 4th, Houdini, would start popping out an egg by the end of the year. Alas, no message came through that there was a 4th egg laid on any particular day. We arrived back home last night so I popped over to check on the hens and there I found a little brown egg. It was the 4th laid yesterday. So, four of them are now producing eggs. Soon we will be getting more hens, though we will need to extend the chicken run first, and get another henhouse.

With the eggs now rolling in, we have sufficient to make more than just omlettes and flans for dinner. We will be making scotch eggs this week, and some mayonnaise. We have already made lemon curd though it has all gone. It is in demand and can be swapped for produce from other allotments. More will be made shortly as well.

So watch out over the next couple of weeks - we'll be posting up recipes and videos of our "eggsploits" in the kitchen!

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Anonymous said...

Happy New Year you guys. Hope it'll be a happy and fulfilling one, full of laughter and fun . You've helped me alot this past year even though you don't know it haha . Just wanted to say a big fat thankyou xx Jules (Nottingham)