Monday, 9 January 2012

Planting gooseberries

We had a trip to Dad's allotment yesterday to plant another 9 gooseberry shrubs. We have already planted some on our allotment in Sunniside. Gooseberry fruit comes in abundance in the late spring and, as it is high in pectin, it's great for making jam. In addition, they can be used in chutneys. But my favourite use for them is in pies and crumbles! I think it is unlikely we will get a crop off them this year but next year, hopefully, we will have gooseberries in abundance.

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elfriide tramm said...

we love just freeze them. in wintertime we melt them and eat raw - great load of vitamins and enzymes (destroyed in heated food). every day a small handful. the same with black currants, raspberries, bilberries and sea buckthorn berries. awesome and tasty! also honey can be added, if sugar is needed.