Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sprouting broccoli and leek soup

This is about as frugal as it gets and is possibly the most extreme example of
my contention that nothing should be wasted. One of the neighbouring allotment
holders gave us a very large pile of sprouting broccoli for the hens. In my
opinion, much of it was in good nick so I chopped off the best bits for us to
use. The rest went into the chicken run for the hens to eat - they strip plant
leaves from the stalks leaving just skeletons of plants behind.

We were also given cabbage leaves for the hens from the other allotments. Some
of these leaves can be tougher than the hens prefer but we have found they like
them boiled and then mixed with porridge oats to make a mash. So when I boiled
some of the better leaves, I drained off some of the liquid to make a stock for
my soup. Into this went the chopped sprouting broccoli and a couple of chopped
leeks, a heaped teaspoon of marmite and a splash of worcester sauce. Once it was
boiled up, I blended it.

I don't think I'll win any awards with it but it was nourishing enough.

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