Monday, 30 December 2013

Storm damage

I am back in London for a few days and have taken the liberty of going for a walk around Crystal Palace Park. The recent storms have taken their toll on the trees with a number blown over. Despite the gales and heavy rain of recent days, I am continuing to find evidence of just how mild the autumn and winter are.

The following are a couple of examples:

This is an oak tree in Crystal Palace Park. Notice how there are still green leaves on the tree. Below is some gorse I found flowering near my house in Sunniside in the North East.

There are more storms on the way. The weather forecast is for more gales and heavy downpours. The ground on the allotment is waterlogged so more rain means lots more mud. It's a good job I got the drainage channels dug in March. At least that will alleviate some of the problem.

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