Saturday, 4 January 2014

Moving the hen houses

We spent the afternoon today moving the hen houses in preparation for extending the goat paddock. In the photo above, you can see the hen houses before the move with the goat paddock behind them. The paddock needs to be extended so that we can get milking goats and also give our two existing goats more space and ground that is less muddy.

The hens did not take long to find the dry ground where the hen houses previously stood. Given all the rain we have had recently, this was their only opportunity to have a dust bath until the drier weather arrives.

As well as moving the hen houses, we also dug up the soft fruit bushes, the horseradish and the rhubarb that were on the patch as well. These have been moved to new locations on the allotment.

Tomorrow we will move the fence to extend the goat paddock and then head off to Durham to buy some more hens and some fertilised eggs to put into our incubator.

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