Friday, 3 April 2015

More fencing

I wrote a few days ago that we have fenced off part of the allotment to keep Pinkie, our golden guernsey goat, off the soft fruit and away from some of our hives. Today we had the job of cordoning off plots where rhubarb and horseradish are growing. We need to keep both the poultry and Pinkie from trampling and eating the shoots. For some of this we used the wooden frame covered in chicken wire that we used last year on a potato patch but which we sometimes take to fairs as an enclosure for our ducks or chickens. The rest of the fencing was simply wire netting and bamboo canes. Nothing elaborate.

It's been a wet day and the problem for free range chickens is that they are free to be rained on, and free to trample through mud. They appear to have adopted the frame as a perch to avoid the latter.

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Dawn McHugh said...

fencing and making enclosures seems never ending here, we have just bought a poly tunnel frame off ebay that's going to be made into an enclosure for the chickens as we are losing them at a vast rate to buzzards, we are now down to two chooks, not getting any more until we have the new enclosure all netted.