Monday, 5 December 2016

New goat paddock

goat paddock Dec 16 (2)

The decision to keep Spotless, the billy, means we had to build a separate paddock to hold him when the nannies are in heat. We don't want him to mate with his mother or sister. Pinkie is to be mated with a pedigree Golden Guernsey. So we have created a small paddock for him using some spare harris frames. The goathouse is an unused henhouse. So far, none of the nannies have been in heat and the goats can go in and out of the paddock as they please. Pinkie has taken rather a shine to the new mini-goathouse. She sleeps in there through the night rather than in the main goathouse.

The job of getting Spotless a mate is still waiting to be done.

goat paddock Dec 16 (1)

goat paddock Dec 16 (3)

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