Tuesday, 13 December 2016

The far side

digging allotment Dec 16 3

On the Whinnies in Sunniside we have a second allotment which is on the far side of the site to our main patch. We have rented it for over 2 years but not yet used it. The allotment itself has not been used for decades but we are now starting to bring it into use. The allotment will be used for growing fruit. All the soft fruit on the main allotment is being moved to the far side. The reason for the move is that the main allotment is to be used almost exclusively for livestock. The soft fruit bushes have been losing out to the goats in the past year, no matter what we do to keep them off the plants.

One of the biggest jobs to do on the far side is to cut back the hawthorn hedge. It is about 5 metres high and I made a start in October and early November when there were still leaves on the branches which could be fed to the goats. This work has now been put on hold until the spring when the leaves are growing again.

digging allotment Dec 16 2

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