Tuesday, 20 July 2010

As requested - courgette, gherkin and cucumber photos

A reader has asked me to post up some photos of our courgettes, gherkins and cucumbers so here they are.

cucumber jul 10
Cucumbers in the greenhouse. We have loads of them. A very successful crop and we will be looking at recipes to use them up shortly. I may even stretch to doing a video.

gherkin jul 10
Last year's gherkin crop was a complete failure. This time we are about to be hit by a glut of them. Definitely one for pickling. And there will be a video on this soon - we'll probably film it next week though we are still searching for a recipe for sweeter pickling vinegar.

bed 3 jul 10
Having posted up all my recent photos onto Flickr (click on the above photos and you will be taken to my Flickr account) I have just realised that I haven't any close ups of my courgettes! The above photo is of bed 3. You can see the courgettes growing in front of the artichokes. We've already had a few meals with courgettes and we are on the outlook for interesting and challenging recipes to try. If anyone has any ideas, please send them to me.

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