Saturday, 10 July 2010

Weeding and the risk of rabbits

David weeding cabbage patch Jul 10
(David weeding the cabbage patch on bed 2)

Just back from a weeding session on the allotment. I decided it was time to weed out some of the nasturtiums that have been growing on beds one and two. They are uninvited guests, growing from seeds dropped from the plants we grew last year. I don't mind some growing as they make a nice salad crop but they have the tendency to smother everything in sight. On bed two they were smothering our chard crop. Indeed the chard had come off quite badly. Hopefully, with the nasturtiums removed from that part of the bed, the chard will grow again.

I left the nasturtiums that were growing amongst the broad and runner beans. I suspect the beans will come off better.

Meanwhile, the cabbage patch is coming along very well. We have protected it from hungry bunnies with netting left over from the fruit cage. However, the cabbages were outgrowing the netting and we also needed to get in to weed the patch. So we have taken the risk of removing the netting. The patch is now weeded (see David working on it in the photo above). Fingers crossed that the local rabbit population does not descend on us for a summer time feast.

cabbages jul 10

This is the cabbage patch on bed 2. We have some cauliflowers (at the top of the picture) though at the moment there is a great deal of leaf but not much flower.

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