Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Busy as a bee

We are thinking of getting bees so when we were at the Northumberland County Show in May we handed over our contact details at the Hexham Beekeepers Association stand and then forgot all about it. That was until we got an email from them last month inviting us to visit a site they have in the Tyne Valley where we get to open some hives and handle some bees. The pictures below were all taken on our visit. The hood makes me look as if I am wearing a nuclear fallout suit!

Since the visit we have signed up for a weekend course in August that is being held at Bill Quay Community Farm in Gateshead. I'll keep you in touch about how we get on.

Beekeeping Jul 10 2

Beekeeping Jul 10 6

Beekeeping Jul 10 3

Beekeeping Jul 10 5

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