Sunday, 18 July 2010

How to make blackcurrant jam

The blackcurrant bushes we planted on the allotment last year have given us our first crop which I picked last week. I turned it all into blackcurrant jam. The video above is how I did it.

One thing to remember about blackcurrants (and red and white varieties) is that they are high in pectin so there is no need to add lemon to get the jam to set. We use the same weight of sugar to fruit. Other recipes I have seen use more sugar. It depends ultimately on how tart you want it. Some recipes add water as well. We didn't this time but were I making jelly instead, I would.

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samfan said...

Hi Jonathan and David,

I have just spent most of my weekend reading your blog and watching you on you tube! I have my name down for an allotment and hope to have it by next year. I like your take on things as you are showing people what you actually do with your produce.

Keep the information coming guys, it really interesting.

Thanks very much!