Tuesday, 8 February 2011

More fruit liqueurs

fruit licquers Feb 11
I was filming clips for my January self-sufficiency video this afternoon. The closing scene was set in the kitchen and showed me bottling up some sloe gin and gooseberry vodka.

It's amazing how some things can be forgotten when stored away in the garage. After filming, I went back into the garage to put away the jars of gin and vodka soaked fruit (we will use it to make sweet mince later this year). There I rediscovered more jars of sloe gin and gooseberry vodka that I had forgotten about. I also discovered a jar of blackberry vodka. These are now all lined up on the bench in the kitchen waiting to be bottled tomorrow. I posted something about this on Facebook. The result was an offer to swap a bottle for something of value from a friend, and an excited comment from one of my fellow presenters of the Horticultural Channel, the tv series I will be appearing in from March onwards (more about that later).

Also still sitting in the garage waiting to be used up are 12 bottles of elderflower champagne.

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Ben said...

Gooseberry Vodka sounds good, I'll have to try that his year.
I like the bottles, did you buy them in or are they old vinegar bottles?