Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sausage meat loaves

We are at the time of the year when there is little left growing on the allotment. We are therefore using up our stocks of food grown and foraged last year. Nevertheless, we still have some leeks on the allotment. In this video I show yu how to make sausage meat loaves. The sausage meat was the only ingredient we bought.

We made three versions: leek, potato and chutney. We have lots of chutney left from last year and we need to use it up so mixing half a jar of chutney into a meat loaf was a bit of an experiment. It seems to have worked.

Pride of play in this post goes to the cost. The only ingredient I purcharsed was the sausage meat. £6 bought me 1.5kg, enough to make 3 loaves. One loaf provides the protein for 2 of us for four meals. Not bad going!

And finally, we use quite a bit of apply in this recipe. We have 2 sacks of apples left that we picked wild last year but some of them are not going to keep much longer. This is a good way to us ethem up.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Johnathan for another great money saving recipe. Very tasty too . Hoping you'll continue with the great video's I've found them so useful . x Jules