Sunday, 27 February 2011

Preparing the back garden for food production

We have made a start with preparing our back garden in Sunniside for food production. the photos below were taken in January on a rather frosty Sunday afternoon. The flowering currant bush has been removed. It had toppled over under the weight of the winter snow so had to be removed anyway. It did however take up a very large amount of space. The plan is to put a plum tree on the same site.

We are planning to get chickens for the back garden, potato bags for the patio and some herbs as well. Our garage has a large flat roof and this will be ideal for plants such as strawberries and nasturtiums that spread across the ground. We will put them in grow bags around the edge of the roof and let them spread.

We'll we working on other small scale projects as well: growing carrots in bags and runner beans in pots on the patio.

Back Garden Jan 11 8

Back Garden Jan 11 1

Back Garden Jan 11 7

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