Sunday, 27 February 2011

The skip has arrived

One third of our allotment has not been cultivated yet during the four years we have occupied it. The allotment itself had been derelict for years before we took it on and it has been a long standing target to get the rest of it into use. Well, today (Saturday 26th Feb) we made great strides forward. A skip arrived in the morning and we began to fill it with the rubbish that we inherited when we took on the allotment. There was wood, rubble, rusting oil drums and a range of other materials. There is still plenty to do but we have made good progress today, helped by a modest bonfire to get rid of a load of branches.

Dad came along to help as well. He has an allotment in the next village but is moving on to ours to take over half the unused section (which still means he will have more land than on his own allotment.) In turn, we are taking over his allotment and will be using it mainly for growing soft fruit.

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