Friday, 8 July 2011

Blackcurrant jam

blackcurrants June 11 1

We have a fantastic crop of blackcurrants. We have picked all the ones growing on Dad's allotment but are yet to touch the ones in the fruitcage on our allotment. So far we have made blackcurrant jam and blackcurrant vodka.

blackcurrant jelly July 11 1

blackcurrant jelly July 11 2

To make blackcurrant jelly, put in a jam pan with a bit of water and boil. Keep simmering until the fruit has fully pulped. Then add sugar - the same weight as of fruit. Bring back to the boil and keep boiling until the setting point is reached (put a spoonful on a plate, allow to cool and if it forms a skin, it is at setting point).

Add to hot, sterilised jars. In this batch we made 18 jars.


elfriide tramm said...

oh, blackcurrants are my favorites! not ready in our area yet. i used to make jam from them but last 10 years just put them freshly picked to freezer after eating them fresh as much as possible. the best option to get vitamins in winterime. we try to eat at least 250 gram freshly freezed berries every single day!

Psychgrad said...

Glad to find your blog! Looking forward to spending some time looking through your posts.

Maybe you've answered this question before...It looks like you're reusing older jars for your canning. Is it possible to sterilize those lids? I always thought it wasn't.

elfriide tramm said...

i don't know, how jonathan does it, but i sterilize lids 2 ways:

at first wash them carefully, of course.

then put them into bowl, cover with water and let to come boil (boiling maybe 10-20 seconds). then just keep them in this hot water for some time and after that put into oven (i sterilize jars there) after sterilizing jars. then oven is warm and lids are drying quickly. very easy actually.

another option is wiping them with vodka after washing. you may even hold them in vodka for 10 minutes, then put on clean towel or warm oven to dry them a bit