Friday, 8 July 2011

More bees

hives Jul 11 2

These are the two hives we got on Sunday and below is the one we got on Wednesday.

hives Jul 11 3

The one we got on Wednesday needs a proper stand which we have on order. We had planned to open the hives over the last couple of days with a friend who is a beekeeper but the weather has been too wet and cold. Tomorrow afternoon is now pencilled in for the next attempt.

There is a possibility we could get some honey this year from the hive we picked up on Wednesday. It came with a super, the box added to the top of the hive from which the queen is excluded. Only the workers can get into it so this is where the honey is stored by the bees. One of the reasons we are keen to check the other hives is to see if they are ready yet to have supers added. Hopefully we will find out tomorrow.

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