Sunday, 31 July 2011

How to make blackcurrant vodka

We have had a good blackcurrant crop this year. Most of it went into jam but I did commit to making blackcurrant vodka. Here's the video.

The recipe I use is:

300g sugar
150g blackcurrants
70cl cheap, supermarket own brand vodka

Add the fruit and sugar to a storage jar and pour in the vodka. Close the jar and give it a shake.

Shake the jar once a day until the sugar is dissolved. That can take up to two weeks.

After three months (and occasional shakes) strain the liquid and put into bottles.


Anonymous said...

Thank you. After searching for what seems like hours,a simple straightforward answer to my search!

Anonymous said...

Hi, on the recipe it says 300g sugar 150g black currants but in your video you said 150g sugar 200g black currants, which one is it?