Thursday, 15 December 2011

Eggs and jam as an alternative currency

Were the pound to go down in a spectacular burst of flames as a result of an imploding Euro (okay, it's a worst case scenario I admit) it seems as though I have the alternative currency: eggs and jam. I suspect I will be able to add to that list preserves of any kind you can think of and honey. In trying to become self-sufficient, we have realised that there needs to be some degree of trade with other gardeners and allotment holders. We probably won't be able to produce everything we need ourselves, but other locals are producing some of the foods we ourselves haven't grown.

I am an avid preserve maker and I have found there is a ready market for jars of jam, jelly and pickles which can be swapped for cabbages, leeks, sprouts and game. With my hens now laying, eggs as well are great for swapping.

So in recent weeks we have swapped jam, lemon curd and eggs for pheasants and various vegetables. Today one jar of jam and one of marrow chutney got me a bag of vegetables grown on one of the neighbouring allotments.

Next year should be even more interesting. We will be harvesting honey. And plenty of people we know are eager to get their hands on a pot of it.

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